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Phil Isherwood has worked in the software and consulting industries for 30 years and has been researching his family history for more than half of that time. He is interested in promoting the use of best practice methods – something that he does in his day job as well as in his genealogical research – and innovative technology tools.

Phil is a popular speaker with Family History Societies, delivering talks on:

  • Using A Research Methodology For Family History
  • Organising Your Research With Evernote
  • How To Build A Research Plan

Born in the north west of England, Phil’s ancestors are largely poor agricultural labourers and factory workers. However, he married well – genealogically speaking – as his wife has a multitude of aristocratic and international connections, which he has found fascinating to research.

Phil is a resident of Oxfordshire, England. He is a Family History Advisor for Oxfordshire Family History Society and is a committee member for OFHS’s Online Meeting Group.

You can contact Phil at: and follow him on Twitter @isherwood_phil.

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